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2 Dogs Concrete Designs is a company based out of Wichita, KS. Our goal is to provide to our customers a unique concrete surface that has strength, function and brings out a style that is completely original for your project. We do both residential and commercial projects. Our concrete projects can be created in almost any color imagined and there are many techniques available to achieve any desired style or look. Call or email us if you have any questions or ideas for a project and we would be glad to discuss them with you.

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2DOGS goes above and beyond to provide you with the creativity that you desire along with the highest quality product and service the you deserve.


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Q: Why choose 2DOGS concrete products?
Q: What can 2DOGS create for you?
Q: How thick are countertops and how much do they weigh?
Q: How long do custom orders take?
Q: Can I cut directly on my concrete countertops?
Q: Are the countertops heat resistant?
Q: Can concrete be used in commercial applications?
Q: What colors are available with 2DOGS concrete products?
Q: Where are your concrete projects made?
Q: How does concrete compare in price to other solid surface options?
Q: Will the surface stain?
Q: How do I care for my concrete countertops?
Q: Why should I purchase a countertop made of concrete versus laminate, granite, marble or corian?
Q: How long of a piece can you cast?
Q: Will a concrete countertop have seams?
Q: Does the color vary?
Q: Can my concrete crack?
Q: Do you have a product warranty?
Q: Where did the name 2DOGS come from?
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